Arch Madison is Going Green!


Here in Madison, WI people take recycling and keeping the city clean very seriously. At Arch there is no exception and because of that we want to introduce you ladies to our new recycling program!

If you remember, we ran an Earth month promo back in April and received such a large amount of product and support that we decided to put together a permanent way for you guys to recycle cosmetics safely.

Here’s the scoop: Starting July 1st, when you bring in 5 products that you bought here at Arch, you will recieve 10% off a product OR $5 off any service.  To make it easy for you, we’re going to keep track of each product you bring in. That way you don’t need to

Unknown.jpeghoard empty product containers that you probably will eventually just throw out!

This is a way for us all to work together to keep landfills free of cosmetics and to recycle things most of us would just throw away!


Arch Earth Day!!

Earth Day is right around the corner~April 22nd~ and this year Arch Madison is taking part in the action!

Now more than ever before it is important to show the Earth some TLC. Our home is changing all around us, even if we don’t see it in our day to day lives. We need to remind ourselves that small green conscious things can make a difference, especially when we doearth-day.jpg them together.


So what about makeup and skincare? How can we properly dispose of old eyeshadows, mascara tubes, and eyeliners? Those things can’t be traditionally recycled, but we can work together to keep them from ending up in a landfill.

For Arch Earth Month we want YOU to bring in all your old products so WE can recycle them! You don’t even need to worry about cleaning them out or what to do with the old product. All you need to do is bring any old cosmetic/skincareIMG_1871.JPG product (*can be from any business or line) and we’ll take care of the rest.

When you bring in something to recycle during the month of April, you’ll receive a voucher for 10% off product OR $5 off any service! HOWEVER, if you call and make a brow appointment for Saturday, April 22nd (and bring in a recyclable), your brow service will be $10 and you’ll receive a 10% off product voucher!!


So, tell me, what’s better than helping keep our planet clean and green? Getting perfect brows while you do so 😉

Call today to set up an appointment and start saving your old products!


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 2.55.49 PM.png

*Promotions only applicable when you bring in cosmetic/skincare recyclables

Beauty Food for Thought: Lash Individuals versus Lash Extensions


Every girl out there wants her lashes to be as black as her soul9d1e1b3b8afe1da8d0fef3bb64ca6eef.jpg, and as long as the list of people she hates. Sometimes in life, there is not enough mascara in the world to meet those standards and us girls need to come up with alternative routes via fake lashes. But consider this, what has mascara ever done to hurt you? Some fake lashes can come with some rather negative side effects ladies. And it’s time that someone tells you about them.

At Arch we provide strip lashes and individuals for an altIMG_5814.jpgernative to natural lashes. Today we’re going to talk about individuals. For starters, they are little clusters of about 5 single lash hairs. They get placed on via glue (*allergy alert* the glue does contain latex) one by one across the lash line. They come in three different lengths: short, medium, and long. This way if you want the dramatic effect
of false strips, it’s totally possible. But, also you can get the look of naturally full lashes by choosing to try the shorts!

The only thing to consider while deciding to go with individuals is how long you want them on for. If you want them on for a night, these are not the way to go unless you have them professionally removed at the end of the night. These lashes will fall off naturally, if you try and pull them off, your precious natural lashes will go with them. Big no-no. Give it three to four days and they’ll be gone for good. Safe and easy with NO long-term effects.

So what aboutIMG_5822.jpg extensions? Those single lash hairs that get glued on literally one by one and stay on…theyare not as friendly to your lashes. Continuous use of lash extensions can result in long term or even permanent loss of your natural lashes. The constant weight of the extensions is too heavy for growing natural lashes. This causes the natural lash to actually break as a result.

So, your lash breaks and now you have gaps or even shorter lashes than before the extensions, what do you do?! Well, the obvious choice is to go get a lash fill so that they look luscious and full. But consider the reason for the breakage in the first place!

The experts say to not get extensions any more than four times a year, and they are experts for a reason. So, if you ladies want to have full long lashes, come let us put individuals on for the weekend! Trust me-your lashes will thank you. IMG_5807.jpg
At Arch we charge $25 for a full set and $15 for a half set. Call and book your appointment today!

Beauty Food for Thought: Favorite Beauty Foods and Supplements

This week on our Beauty Food for Thought series, we here at Arch have decided to compile a list of our favortie beauty (super)foods and supplements. Being make-up junkies, having flawless skin is something to be coveted. However, instead of piling on the foundation it is important to consider what is going on inside of your body. Ultimately, the condition of your skin on the outside is a direct reflection of what is going on on the inside.

What you use on your body, and what you put in your body will drastically transform your skin be it good or bad. Below is a list of our 3 favorite beauty foods and supplements which we research to find out exactly how they will benefit you

Favorite Beauty Foods


My favorite beauty food is avocado! You can use it as a moisture mask if your skin Avocado-Oatmeal-Facial-Mask.jpgis feeling dry. It’s great for a winter mask. When you eat it, it is filled with antioxidant carotenoids. These are especially helpful when living in the city because they kill free radicals in the air which are the main cause for environmental damage. Also, avocados are really rich in vitamin C which helps maintain the integrity of collagen in the skin-helpful for keeping your skin nice and firm!(

Picture from


Cauliflower is my go-to beauty food for tons of reasons. Cauliflower, like avocado is high in vitamin C and also manganese. These are great anti-agers. Eating lots of cauliflower also helps rid the body of toxins cleaning out major organs. Being a hair stylist, healthy hair is very important to me. That is another reason why I love cauliflower, instead of just helping your skin it also has nutrients that help you get healhty hair. (


Mushrooms!! I put mushrooms on everything, they’re so good for you. They have anti-inflammatory properties which are great for acne, rosacea, and eczema. Not only do they help prevent redness, they also are rich in selenium which helps protect the skin against wrinkles. Specifically, I really like the komucha mushroom which is found in kombucha tea. It helps even out and brighten your skin tone!(

Favorite Supplements


I take Evening Primrose every night! It is amazing at balancing hormones because of its Unknown.jpegomega 6 fatty acids, which help out with hor
monal breakouts. Along with that, it helps tone down swollen areas and redness which is amazing. Not only is it great for skin, it also helps reducehair loss, totally a plus. (

Picture From:


Someone’s gotta say coconut oil! It’s pretty much great for everything. I use it as an eye makeup remover which for me is great because it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Again, it makes an amazing hair mask, making your hair super shiny and healthy. And I also use it as a body oil, it helps keep my skin really moisturized, especially in the winter.


I think a great supplement for everyone is a probiotic. Just like mushrooms, probiotics are great for acne and rosacea because it combats the bad bacteria inside your body and your gutimages.jpeg. It actually introduces a healthy bacteria to your body which helps with skin inflammation and strengthens the skins barrier reducing redness.


Picture From


So there you have it, our all time favorite beauty foods and supplements! We’d love to hear what your favorite beauty supplements and foods are! Leave them in the comments down below!


Coming up next week: The safe way to get full lashes

Beauty Food For Thought: Shopping Local


Beauty food for thought is our way of sharing some things that we, as a small business, find important for everyone to know. Unfortunately sometimes in the beauty industryIMG_0872.JPGhealth is compromised and put on the back burner. Beauty should not ever be that way! It is important to stay healthy and safe while still enjoying your favorite products and
rocking your favorite looks (like this beautiful smokey eye on Hayley)

As online shopping becomes more and more popular, unfortunately so does the purchase of faulty products and illegal sales. You never know what product you will actually be receiving or if the integrity will be the same as shopping local.

Shopping online is essentially feeding into crimes such as illegal sales, poor product integrity, ect. Sure it is convenient and easy, but consider the risks you are taking when you do so, especially with make-up! There are some seriously scary stories out there girls! Bugs in beauty blenders, glue in foundation, the list goes on!

When you shop local you are not only supporting small business owners and the employees who work there, you are ensuring that your products are legit and safe, aka glue free.

Sometimes when a product is advertised online at a really good price it can be enticing and tempting to buy. We all know that it is near impossible to pass up a good beauty bargain-but in IMG_0977.JPGyour moment of weakness, remember that there is a reason that the product is listed at that price! More often than not, it will be old or even expired. It is frequently stuffed with fillers, containing the absolute minimum amount of the actual product you’re attempting to buy.  In the beauty industry, old expired products or products containing truly unknown ingredients are NOT something you want to be putting on your body.

When you shop online, you are also giving up the personal experience you can get at small businesses. Shopping small you are able to build relationships with the people you’re supporting. You get personalized advice and suggestions for products that are best for you and your skin type. It isn’t the same as just reading the description box on a website that can be filled with fabrications or lies. We truly want to help you feel beautiful IMG_0806.JPGand confident, not steal your money.


At Arch, we promise the value and integrity of our products will always be there. Our products always contain what they say they do-nothing more, nothing less. We
get our products directly from our trusted and valued brand
representatives. We care about
our customers and value your happiness and health above anything else. That is why we are here! We love what we do and we love the support our customers give us and the community when they shop local.


~Stay tuned for our next Beauty Food For Thought: Superfoods and Supplements~

Thank you for supporting us, we appreciate it!!


Last Minute Gift Guide

We all know somebody who waits until Christmas Eve to do their Christmas shopping, if you’re that person don’t worry! We have compiled our top five Arch favorite Christmas gifts to help.

#1 Jenny Patinkin Lazy Perfection Petites

These petite brushes make the perfect present for just about any girl in your life. Great for travel, they’re mini brushes with full size brush heads, hard case included!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


These beautiful makeup bags are handmade in Salt Lake City Utah. They have unique colors and prints and are a guarantee for any makeup lover.



This our most coveted palette and is sure to win over someone special. It contains a highlight and contour powder, and twelve different eyeshadows!

FullSizeRender 4.jpg


Nest candles come in many different scents but our favorites this time of year are the Holiday, Birchwood and Hearth. These candles and reed diffusers make a wonderful hostess gift.IMG_0583.JPG


We can not forget the special men in our lives, and Truefitt and Hill colognes are the perfect stocking stuffer. Our most loved scent is Sandalwood.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Easy Emergency Halloween!

It’s Saturday morning and you still haven’t figured out a costume for Halloween. Before you go into panic mode we have you covered. Keep reading and we will show you what you need for each look and how to achieve it. Happy Haunting!




What you need:

Foundation (preferably lighter than your skin color) 

Contour powder (or grey eyeshadow)

Black and white eyeshadow 

Black Kohl liner

Red Lipstick

To start we used Kevyn Aucoin Etherialist Foundation in Light 2 all over, followed with Kevyn Sculpting Powder in medium in the hallows of the cheekbone. If you do not have this on hand a light grey eyeshadow will do. For the eyes place the white eyeshadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone. Then take the black in the crease and smoke out the outer corner. (Tip* using a fluffy eyeshadow brush is best for blending-we like the Jenny Patinkin eye contour brush) Next, we used our favorite black eyeliner from By Terry and placed it on the lower water line and smudge it on the lower lash line. For fun we added false lashes, and finished with a red lipstick. For the lipstick we used Jouer lip creme in Cabernet. If you don’t own one of these they are must when it comes to a long wear lipstick! Find a black cape or dress, add a black wig and voila! You’re Morticia Addams!



What you need:

Black Kohl Eyeliner

Rose Toned Lip Liner

Contour Powder (grey eyeshadow)

Gel Eye Liner

Pink Toned Lipstick or Stain

Duo Paris by NARS

To begin this look, we started by filling in the upper lip with a very soft, black kohl liner. We extended the lip line out just slightly  on each side of Katie’s smile. Next, we took the same kohl liner and drew in the shape of a kitten’s nose at the base of her nose. Fill that shape in with your rose toned lip pencil. After you have completed those steps, blend a black eyeshadow from the top of the kitten nose up the bridge. (*Tip: make sure your black tones are the deepest closest to the kitten nose and gradually get lighter as they move up the bridge.) Add a tiny bit of black shadow around the inside nose edges and lightly blend into the pink to give depth. Once you complete your kitten nose, take the gel liner and connect your upper lip to the nose with a small straight line. Add little freckles and whiskers with the gel liner as well. We gave Katie a simple cat eye and filled her lower lip in with Sweet Suite Lipstain by Smith&Cult to really pull the Arch Kitten look together. Top everything off with two messy buns and you’re ready to hit the town!

What halloween looks did YOU create this year?! Let us know in the comments below!