Easy Emergency Halloween!

It’s Saturday morning and you still haven’t figured out a costume for Halloween. Before you go into panic mode we have you covered. Keep reading and we will show you what you need for each look and how to achieve it. Happy Haunting!




What you need:

Foundation (preferably lighter than your skin color) 

Contour powder (or grey eyeshadow)

Black and white eyeshadow 

Black Kohl liner

Red Lipstick

To start we used Kevyn Aucoin Etherialist Foundation in Light 2 all over, followed with Kevyn Sculpting Powder in medium in the hallows of the cheekbone. If you do not have this on hand a light grey eyeshadow will do. For the eyes place the white eyeshadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone. Then take the black in the crease and smoke out the outer corner. (Tip* using a fluffy eyeshadow brush is best for blending-we like the Jenny Patinkin eye contour brush) Next, we used our favorite black eyeliner from By Terry and placed it on the lower water line and smudge it on the lower lash line. For fun we added false lashes, and finished with a red lipstick. For the lipstick we used Jouer lip creme in Cabernet. If you don’t own one of these they are must when it comes to a long wear lipstick! Find a black cape or dress, add a black wig and voila! You’re Morticia Addams!



What you need:

Black Kohl Eyeliner

Rose Toned Lip Liner

Contour Powder (grey eyeshadow)

Gel Eye Liner

Pink Toned Lipstick or Stain

Duo Paris by NARS

To begin this look, we started by filling in the upper lip with a very soft, black kohl liner. We extended the lip line out just slightly  on each side of Katie’s smile. Next, we took the same kohl liner and drew in the shape of a kitten’s nose at the base of her nose. Fill that shape in with your rose toned lip pencil. After you have completed those steps, blend a black eyeshadow from the top of the kitten nose up the bridge. (*Tip: make sure your black tones are the deepest closest to the kitten nose and gradually get lighter as they move up the bridge.) Add a tiny bit of black shadow around the inside nose edges and lightly blend into the pink to give depth. Once you complete your kitten nose, take the gel liner and connect your upper lip to the nose with a small straight line. Add little freckles and whiskers with the gel liner as well. We gave Katie a simple cat eye and filled her lower lip in with Sweet Suite Lipstain by Smith&Cult to really pull the Arch Kitten look together. Top everything off with two messy buns and you’re ready to hit the town!

What halloween looks did YOU create this year?! Let us know in the comments below!


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