Beauty Food For Thought: Shopping Local


Beauty food for thought is our way of sharing some things that we, as a small business, find important for everyone to know. Unfortunately sometimes in the beauty industryIMG_0872.JPGhealth is compromised and put on the back burner. Beauty should not ever be that way! It is important to stay healthy and safe while still enjoying your favorite products and
rocking your favorite looks (like this beautiful smokey eye on Hayley)

As online shopping becomes more and more popular, unfortunately so does the purchase of faulty products and illegal sales. You never know what product you will actually be receiving or if the integrity will be the same as shopping local.

Shopping online is essentially feeding into crimes such as illegal sales, poor product integrity, ect. Sure it is convenient and easy, but consider the risks you are taking when you do so, especially with make-up! There are some seriously scary stories out there girls! Bugs in beauty blenders, glue in foundation, the list goes on!

When you shop local you are not only supporting small business owners and the employees who work there, you are ensuring that your products are legit and safe, aka glue free.

Sometimes when a product is advertised online at a really good price it can be enticing and tempting to buy. We all know that it is near impossible to pass up a good beauty bargain-but in IMG_0977.JPGyour moment of weakness, remember that there is a reason that the product is listed at that price! More often than not, it will be old or even expired. It is frequently stuffed with fillers, containing the absolute minimum amount of the actual product you’re attempting to buy.  In the beauty industry, old expired products or products containing truly unknown ingredients are NOT something you want to be putting on your body.

When you shop online, you are also giving up the personal experience you can get at small businesses. Shopping small you are able to build relationships with the people you’re supporting. You get personalized advice and suggestions for products that are best for you and your skin type. It isn’t the same as just reading the description box on a website that can be filled with fabrications or lies. We truly want to help you feel beautiful IMG_0806.JPGand confident, not steal your money.


At Arch, we promise the value and integrity of our products will always be there. Our products always contain what they say they do-nothing more, nothing less. We
get our products directly from our trusted and valued brand
representatives. We care about
our customers and value your happiness and health above anything else. That is why we are here! We love what we do and we love the support our customers give us and the community when they shop local.


~Stay tuned for our next Beauty Food For Thought: Superfoods and Supplements~

Thank you for supporting us, we appreciate it!!



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