Beauty Food for Thought: Lash Individuals versus Lash Extensions


Every girl out there wants her lashes to be as black as her soul9d1e1b3b8afe1da8d0fef3bb64ca6eef.jpg, and as long as the list of people she hates. Sometimes in life, there is not enough mascara in the world to meet those standards and us girls need to come up with alternative routes via fake lashes. But consider this, what has mascara ever done to hurt you? Some fake lashes can come with some rather negative side effects ladies. And it’s time that someone tells you about them.

At Arch we provide strip lashes and individuals for an altIMG_5814.jpgernative to natural lashes. Today we’re going to talk about individuals. For starters, they are little clusters of about 5 single lash hairs. They get placed on via glue (*allergy alert* the glue does contain latex) one by one across the lash line. They come in three different lengths: short, medium, and long. This way if you want the dramatic effect
of false strips, it’s totally possible. But, also you can get the look of naturally full lashes by choosing to try the shorts!

The only thing to consider while deciding to go with individuals is how long you want them on for. If you want them on for a night, these are not the way to go unless you have them professionally removed at the end of the night. These lashes will fall off naturally, if you try and pull them off, your precious natural lashes will go with them. Big no-no. Give it three to four days and they’ll be gone for good. Safe and easy with NO long-term effects.

So what aboutIMG_5822.jpg extensions? Those single lash hairs that get glued on literally one by one and stay on…theyare not as friendly to your lashes. Continuous use of lash extensions can result in long term or even permanent loss of your natural lashes. The constant weight of the extensions is too heavy for growing natural lashes. This causes the natural lash to actually break as a result.

So, your lash breaks and now you have gaps or even shorter lashes than before the extensions, what do you do?! Well, the obvious choice is to go get a lash fill so that they look luscious and full. But consider the reason for the breakage in the first place!

The experts say to not get extensions any more than four times a year, and they are experts for a reason. So, if you ladies want to have full long lashes, come let us put individuals on for the weekend! Trust me-your lashes will thank you. IMG_5807.jpg
At Arch we charge $25 for a full set and $15 for a half set. Call and book your appointment today!


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